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Fast, just got faster! - LiteSpeed Web Server Performance Tweaks

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Fast, just got faster! We're happy to announce some improvements that give your sites an additional speed boost.

This week we've made a few tweaks to the configuration of LiteSpeed Web Server, reducing the server load and page load time. Some of these tweaks include:
  • PHP now runs in detached mode. Previously, all PHP processes were attached to LiteSpeed Web Server processes. As such, when LiteSpeed Web Server restarted, so would the PHP processes. In PHP Detached Mode, the PHP processes will continue running independently, even when LiteSpeed Web Server restarts. Also, when a site is heavily relying on opcode cache, PHP Detached Mode avoids an opcode cache reset during the server restart.
  • Upgraded LiteSpeed Web Server license and increased number of workers. The number of workers indicates how many LSWS processes will be spawned to do general server work. Examples of the work done include: routing requests, SSL decryption/encryption, caching, rewriting, serving static contents, etc. By increasing the number of workers, LSWS will be able to process requests faster than before. Certain limits are also doubled with the double number of workers.
  • Increased maximum connections and PHP LSAPI children. To handle multiple requests concurrently, LiteSpeed web server can spawn multiple PHP processes. The higher the number of connections and PHP LSAPI children, the more requests can be processed concurrently by an external application. This tweak should benefit high-traffic sites.
These changes have been applied on our shared/reseller hosting servers and are expected to be rolled out to our managed VPS clients soon.

To speed-up your website even more, we highly recommend the implementation of LiteSpeed Cache, which is now available with all hosting plans and can boost the performance of your website significantly.

With the upcoming end of support for PHP 7.1, we will soon switch to PHP 7.3 as the default version, which should result another slight performance increase. This change will be scheduled and announced soon.

Feedback is welcome and can be submitted to our customer service.

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