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MaxterHost's 2021 Redesign and Revamped Plans are Live!

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MaxterHost 2021 Relaunch

We're excited to announce that after several months of work, our new MaxterHost redesign has been finally launched, along with revamped hosting plans and new services!

This is a major milestone for us, as this redesign is a complete overhaul not only of our website, but also of our branding, colors and logo. It's the first logo redesign since we've launched in 2004 and the third website redesign since our previous one in 2014.

Throughout this process, we have taken some well-appreciated feedback from our clients into consideration regarding the design, usability, features and service offerings. We hope that we've been able to implement the majority of the feedback according to the expectations.

Our hosting plans and services have also received a long-awaited major update in features and pricing, which we'll list below:

Revamped Hosting Plans - Changes and Additions:

  • Increased the amount of SSD space, bandwidth and resource limits for Web Hosting plans
  • Updated and added new Managed VPS Hosting plans
  • Updated Self-Managed VPS Hosting plans
  • Added Dedicated Servers offerings
  • Updated pricing and billing cycles with higher discounts (up to 50% for 3-year payments)
  • Migration to new-generation hardware with 3x more powerful processors (completed in November 2020)
  • For VPS hosting, we've switched from Xen HVM to KVM
  • Added new/updated features for Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting and Managed VPS Hosting:
    • Acronis Backups
    • Imunify360 Malware Scanner with 1-Click Cleanup
    • Imunify360 Proactive Defense™
    • SitePad Website Builder
    • LiteSpeed Cache
      • Privileged plans and features for MaxterHost clients coming soon
    • Support for the HTTP/3 protocol
    • Brotli compression
    • Redis caching
    • Selectable and configurable PHP 5.x to 8.x environment (PHP Selector)
    • Node.js Selector (versions 6 to 14)
    • Python Selector (versions 2.7 to 3.8)
    • Ruby Selector (versions 1.8 to 2.6)
    • Enhanced Web Application Firewall rule-set for WordPress
    • Brute force protection for WordPress
    • Account compromise protection for WordPress
  • Added hosting add-ons:

Plus many other minor changes and improvements.

All existing hosting plans will remain unchanged in price. Some features are made available for all new and existing accounts, while others may become available only if you upgrade. We allow our existing clients to decide whether they want to upgrade to the new hosting plans or not.

Instant pro-rated upgrades to our new plans are available for shared web hosting and reseller hosting accounts through our client area or by contacting our sales department.

Support for Compromised Sites | SiteLock™ Emergency Response

It often occurs that site owners neglect the security of their scripts/sites by failing to install important security updates and forgetting to apply essential security hardening methods. Many clients lack the knowledge or time to follow up on these tasks. As a result, this leads to the outdated sites getting compromised and to successful remote attacks, some more dangerous and damaging than others.

While we usually try to assist in such events on a best-effort basis, even if it falls out of our responsibility, in almost all cases the intervention and assistance of a security expert is necessary. For this reason, we have partnered with SiteLock™ to provide their security service and the Emergency Response service to our clients. If your website has been attacked and compromised, you can now get immediate emergency assistance to quickly recover your site. Depending on the extent of the attack and our workload, we may recommend our clients to book this service.

We also offer a wide variety of features and services that can prevent many attacks in the first place, but the most recommended method is always to update and secure your scripts/site on a regular basis.

Self-Service and Manual Backup Restores

With the introduction of Acronis Backup, we have followed the feedback of our clients regarding the usability, reliability and user-friendliness of our courtesy backup service and replaced R1Soft Server Backup with it. In cPanel you can now find a link to Acronis Backup where you can download/restore files, databases, email accounts and complete backups (also in cPanel format) much easier than before.

Our daily backups are provided as a courtesy, reason why we also recommend our clients to generate and store their own backups; for example with Softaculous, CodeGuard and other services that also allow you to automatically generate backups and store them remotely.

Our revamped hosting plans now define more clearly which plans include manual backup restores (executed by our staff), how many restores per month are included and the fee for additional restores. For older hosting plans (active before 2021), we will continue to offer 1 free manual restore per month, as a gesture of goodwill. Self-service backup restores will always remain free, of course.

Individual Support and Hands-On-Time

Our technical support is generally limited to issues related to the hosting service itself and to our servers or infrastructure. Basically, this means that anything you install onto your hosting account falls under your direct responsibility. Assistance for third-party scripts or programs falls out of the scope of our support. We may occasionally still provide such assistance, but only as a gesture of goodwill and on a best-effort basis. If we're familiar with the respective script or program, we may offer you the option to hire us for individual support.

There are also certain services that are included to a limited extent. For example, we provide free migrations for upgrades and when switching from another host, but not for downgrades or after the first month of service. Managed servers usually include up to 4 hours of admin time and overtime would need to be charged additionally.

For these situations, we now specify our hourly rates and schedule more clearly under the hosting plan tables.

Disk and Bandwidth Overuse

We now specify more clearly the fees for disk and bandwidth overuse, when your account reaches the maximum limit included with the hosting plan.

The total disk and bandwidth usage for reseller accounts is now updated at 6-hour intervals and can be viewed in our client area.

It's generally much more affordable to upgrade in time, instead of paying overuse fees. Pro-rated upgrades can be done instantly in our client area.

Stay Up-To-Date with our Newsletter

With new regulations that came into effect in the past years, subscriptions to our newsletter have been revoked for many of our older clients. If you'd like to receive our latest news and offers, please consider to (re-)subscribe to our newsletter. We would only send marketing emails occasionally (approximately every 3 months) with news and offers that may be useful for your site or hosting service.

You can update your email and mailing list preferences under your profile (here).

Final Words...

Please have a look at our new site and offerings and let us know your thoughts. We're always open to constructive feedback and will strive to constantly improve our service.

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