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Removal of cPanel WordPress Toolkit

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With the release of cPanel version 92, a new feature named "WordPress Toolkit" was added and enabled by default, as some of our clients may have noticed.

While the WordPress Toolkit is an interesting tool that offers some useful functions, it's not too different from Softaculous, the tool we have included for years with all our hosting plans at no additional charge. In fact, Softaculous provides certain functions that WordPress Toolkit only offers with a paid upgrade. The upgrade fee is charged monthly per domain.

As of today, we have decided to remove WordPress Toolkit from our shared/reseller hosting servers for two reasons:
  1. It runs some frequent automated tasks that often cause our server to overload, which has a negative impact on the overall performance of our service.
  2. It may cause confusion, as some functions are duplicated in cPanel.
  3. Some paid functions are already available with Softaculous, so we see no reason to make a paid upgrade for the same functions offered through our cPanel interface.

We may add WordPress Toolkit back once we see an improved performance usage and growing demand.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or feedback related to this change.

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