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I use Windows XP or an older version. Why do SSL connections no longer work for me?

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Windows XP by default does not support the TLS protocol and mainly relies on the old SSLv3 protocol. The SSLv2 and SSLv3 protocols are disabled on our servers due to security reasons.

Our internal tests have shown that certain software do have support for newer cryptographic protocols (TLS 1.x) and function properly on Windows XP.

So far we have identified the following client software to still connect properly through SSL/TLS on Windows XP:

There should be a wide range of software that supports newer cryptographic protocols (TLS 1.x). If you’re in doubt, you should contact the developers of your software.

Security Advice: Considering that Windows XP has reached its end of life in April 2014, it is strongly advised to upgrade to a newer operating system, as Windows XP no longer receives any security patches. Continuing to use Windows XP is highly insecure and certain functions may no longer work in the near future.

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